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How Much Does Gutter Cleaning Cost In 2024?

The average price for a total gutter cleaning in the US is around $119 to $229. Still, that price can vary quite largely depending on the house that is being cleaned, whether you have multiple floors, the type of gutters you have, and the time that has passed since your gutter cleaning last cleaning. Let’s examine some of those factors.

House Height

Costs will be lower for one-story homes compared to multi-story ones due to easier access and safer access to single-story homes compared to multi-story ones.

Gutter Length

More linear footage will increase the cost; larger homes have more gutter length to clean.

Gutter Type

If you have older traditional gutters, they are likely seamed or sectional gutters. These will likely be a larger expense to clean comparably to seamless gutters found in many newly built houses and new gutter installations. Leaves and debris tend to pile up and get stuck in the seams of seamed gutters, resulting in more work to clean and more cost to clean.

Condition of Gutters

Regularly maintained gutters will be cheaper to clean. Neglected ones can get a significant buildup of debris, increasing the manhours to clean them, in turn increasing the cost of cleaning.

Downspout Cleaning

Downspout cleaning tends to be more involved and requires more work, making it typically more expensive, and more downspouts mean higher costs.

Damaged Parts

If parts have been worn down and broken from the elements and time and need replacement during cleaning, this can significantly add to the expense.

Location & Accessibility

Difficult-to-reach gutters may increase prices due to the added labor and safety measures required.

Gutter Guard

Having gutter guards can reduce the buildup of debris and leaves, resulting in less frequency of needed cleaning and, thus, the cost of cleaning, especially in wooded areas where debris accumulation is faster.

These elements, combined with local market rates and seasonal demand, can significantly impact the overall cost. It’s wise for homeowners to get quotes from several providers to ensure they are getting competitive rates for their gutter cleaning needs. And to make sure to get their gutters regularly cleaned to prevent excessive debris and leaf buildup.
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